Your LifeScript

The three guiding principles for balance of mind, body and spirit.

The LifeScript encapsulates the three guiding principles that underpin Dr. Sonu’s philosophy.

Lifestyle, emotional and core medicine all work together to provide balance. A three part code for healing, health and wellness. Not just of body, but of mind and spirit. Scientifically backed medicine, lifestyle and environment, nutrition, movement and emotional health.

All elements of this essential wellness code have equal importance and equal impact to heal your Self.


Using the best of medicine

Using the best of medicine

Core medicine is our science backbone. Human bodies are complex systems that work synergistically and symbiotically. Poor diet, poor fitness, substance abuse or dependency, increased stress and 24/7 device addictions often overwhelm medical treatments.

To improve your personal LifeScript, we must first understand your health. We use the best diagnostic medicine tests and treatments to manage current issues and plan better health outcomes.

How you live dictates your health

How you live dictates your health

Lifestyle medicine is all about how your lifestyle affects your health. Many of our health issues come from poor diet, lack of activity and broken rest, so it makes sense that these elements of your LifeScript are just as important as the clinical medicine.

Our dietitians, exercise physiologists and psychologists help evaluate your body’s needs and create a plan. A healthy body needs movement, the right nutrition, good sleep patterns and the ability to de-stress.

Environmental factors also play a big part. From where you live to how you live, everything is connected.

The body cannot heal if the mind is not happy

The body cannot heal if the mind is not happy

Emotional medicine is Dr Sonu’s approach to knowing your own mind.

Healing your Self means uncovering what truly makes you happy, and listening to your inner voice and trusting it. Find your 'why' and your sense of purpose, and you will find your relationship with your Self and with others improves.

It is about redefining who you are, and what is important to you.