Length: 6 days

17-23 June 2024, LifeScript Kiran Health Reset

Dr Sonu’s LifeScript Wellness Retreat is a unique combination of three fundamental principles to target your return to a healthy path. Through core medicine, lifestyle medicine and emotional medicine, this retreat will both challenge and revive you. 20 Guests Only. 17-23 June 2024. Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa, Uki NSW.

6 days to reset your health path

Dr Sonu’s LifeScript Wellness Retreat is a unique combination of three fundamental principles to target your return to a healthy path. Through core medicine, lifestyle medicine and emotional medicine, this retreat will both challenge and revive you.

Physician-led and evidence based
LifeScript is unique among wellness retreats with its physician-led and evidence-based results. To improve your personal LifeScript, we must first understand your health. We use the best diagnostic medicine tests and treatments to manage current issues and plan better health outcomes.

Find answers to your personal challenges
No matter which stage of your life you are at, how you live dictates your health. From your lifestyle choices, diet, and emotional balance to your genetic makeup. We will help find answers for you to live better.

10 medical and lifestyle professionals
Our dietitians, exercise physiologists and psychologists help evaluate your body’s needs and create a plan. A healthy body needs movement, the right nutrition, good sleep patterns and the ability to de-stress.

Our medical and lifestyle professional team:
Dr Sonu Haikerwal (GP), Dr Asha Sadasivan (Psychiatrist), Dr Peter Johnston (Dietitian), Dr Zane Sherif (Radiologist), Julia Grueskin (Chef), Larisa Freiverts (Therapist), Mr Rathore (Executive Chef), Mollie Cox (Yoga and Massage Therapist), Matt Hansford (Exercise Physiologist), Susie Tagarro (Yoga and Hypnosis Teacher), Jesse Firebrand (Performer)

Luxury retreat in Uki, NSW

Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa is a private sanctuary of peace and tranquillity 50 minutes from Gold Coast Airport. It is a perfect place for our Wellness Retreat.

  • Opulent comfort
  • Octagon group workshop space
  • Mineral magnesium swimming pool
  • Spacious dining and social space
  • Healing spa including sauna, steam room, cold magnesium plunge pool and mineral hot tub

Your bedroom is comfortable with beautiful linen and welcoming furnishings.
To view the accommodation property visit Gymea Eco Retreat.

Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa
128 Bonnydoon Road, Uki, NSW 2484 Australia

Heal your Self. With your LifeScript.

Dr Sonu’s LifeScript is a unique formula for healing and sustained health through targeting three connected areas of medicine. Scientifically backed clinical medicine, lifestyle and environment, and emotional health all work together to provide balance.

A personal formula, developed for you.
Through careful study and planning of all three areas in your life, Dr Sonu builds your personal LifeScript.

Core medicine is our science backbone. Human bodies are complex systems that work synergistically and symbiotically. Poor diet, poor fitness, substance abuse or dependency, increased stress and 24/7 device addictions often overwhelm medical treatments.

Lifestyle medicine is all about how your lifestyle affects your health. Many of our health issues come from poor diet, lack of activity and broken rest, so it makes sense that these elements of your LifeScript are just as important as the clinical medicine.

Emotional medicine is knowing your own mind. Uncover what truly makes you happy, listen to your inner voice and trust it. Find your ‘why’ and your sense of purpose to improve your relationship with your Self and and others.

17-23 June 2024.
AUD $6,800 Twin Share. AUD $8,000 Single Room.
Per Person All Inclusive.

What's included

  • 6 nights twin share or single room accommodation at the Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa in Uki NSW for 20 guests only
  • 10 medical and lifestyle professionals to guide you
  • Full pre-retreat medical assessment including blood tests and full body MRI scan (optional at extra cost)
  • All meals provided
  • Full daily programme of educational lectures, one on one sessions with medical and lifestyle professionals, cooking classes, meditation, yoga and movement classes
  • Creation of your own personal LifeScript to refocus your health.
  • Optional at extra cost 12 week online LifeScript programme following retreat
  • One session of spa, sauna and massage included

Optional add ons*

  • Specialised tests
  • One on one session follow up
  • MRI Body Scan
  • Blood test

*Available at extra cost

"I treat every person the way I would want to be treated, knowing I could be providing healthcare one day and be receiving it the next. No one is immune, and we all want to be truly ‘seen’ by the people we entrust our health to."

Dr Sonu

Recommended for

  • People with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc.
  • Obesity/ weight issues
  • Long COVID
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression

Not recommended for

  • People with recent hospital admission
  • People seeking heart attack or stroke treatment
  • People undergoing active cancer treatment
  • Unstable mental health conditions unfit for a group programme setting

Example schedule

Wake up time
Elective yoga
Educational lectures
Cooking class
One on One or Group Sessions
One on One or Group Sessions
Dinner/Music entertainment
Meditation and wind down

*This schedule is simply a guideline.

Let us guide you to heal your Self

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