Dr Sonu

“My role as a health professional is the greatest privilege and blessing of my life.”

Dr. Sonu

Kind, caring and thorough.

Someone who deeply listens to and connects with people.

These are just some of the ways thousands of patients have described Dr. Sonu.

Dr. Sonu’s career spans over 20 years and across three continents, having worked as a medical doctor in Australia, the UK and India. Graduating from the prestigious AIIMS College in New Delhi, India, she completed her Physicians training in London and was a Practice partner in South West England before settling in Australia.

She has brought healing to the lives of thousands of patients throughout this time and has seen it all, from the slums in Delhi to the royalty of Windsor Castle.

As co-owner and founder of the successful Haan Health clinics, Dr Sonu has spent two decades as a General Practitioner and team leader, and over 15 years teaching medical students and GP Registrars.

During the Covid pandemic, Dr Sonu successfully ran a Federal Government Respiratory Clinic, as team leader on the front line of infection control and vaccination. Her tireless dedication during this time, often seeing hundreds of patients a week, earned her a nomination as Australian Of The Year award Gold Coast for 2022.

As a teacher, Dr Sonu has spent over 15 years teaching medical students and GP Registrars. She is on the faculty of Bond University, Griffith University and General Practice Training Queensland.


A regular voice in the community and on media

Dr Sonu has always been very active in the primary medicine community, using her experience and insight to give back to industry professionals. She has served on the Board of the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, and was past President of the Gold Coast Medical Association and General Practice Gold Coast.

Recognised by her peers as a guiding, leading and inspiring clinician, Dr Sonu was also recently ranked 5th in the top 30 influential women on the Gold Coast, and in the top 10 most influential medical professionals.

She is well known as a media spokesperson with regular talk back radio shows on 4BC every fortnight, and during the Covid pandemic she was frequently on news for channels 7, 9 and the ABC.

Dr. Sonu has travelled extensively to over 50 countries and draws on what she has learnt from many different cultures, alternative therapies and healing modalities from yoga to Ayurveda and spirituality. She marries this understanding of ancient healing teachings with thoroughly backed medical science to access the sweet spot at the cross roads of Eastern and Western medicine, to bring her clients true healing and long lasting change in their health and life.

“Why does modern medicine work for some people and not others? After treating thousands of patients, these questions haunt me. This is what led me down the path of whole body wellness.”

Dr Sonu

Health is more than physical

Dr. Sonu believes that your overall health is affected by your emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental wellness. She believes that by targeting each of these areas with specific healing, not only can your health begin to thrive, but also your life. Through a positive relationship with your Self and your health, you can unlock long lasting vitality and longevity, for life.

Lessons learnt from healing

Piecing together everything that she has learnt through her travels and 20 year career, Dr. Sonu developed her own holistic approach to health and lifestyle to guide her clients and get their health, and their lives, back on track.

Dr. Sonu’s approach is different to that of a typical doctor. Rather than providing a quick band-aid solution in the form of a script and sending her patients on their way, Dr. Sonu endeavours to bring healing to the root cause of her patients’ problems and create long lasting sustainable health for them that continues into their future.

Dr. Sonu guides her patients to connect with their own wellness through a roadmap and toolkit that empowers them and brings balance into their lives and in turn their health. For Dr. Sonu this is the true sense of the role of a doctor or healer: someone to guide and educate so that their patients have the tools to maintain vibrant health and longevity through curating their lifestyle habits, diet, movement, thoughts, emotions and living environment.