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Heal your Self.

"Healing is more than achieving better health. It is about redefining who you are, and what is important to you. Healing means nourishing and maintaining good health through proactive routines, such as diet, lifestyle and attitude, to minimise the potential onset of disease.

It is about finding your purpose again."

Dr Sonu

Kiran Wellness

What is Kiran Wellness? We mix together the best clinical, holistic and natural medicine to reclaim your health and heal your whole Self.

Safe, evidence-based and physician-led programmes that will change your life.


Your LifeScript

Dr Sonu has developed a unique formula for healing and sustained health through targeting three core areas of medicine. Her holistic approach will help you get your health back on track and heal your Self.

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The Lifescript Podcast (10) Move to Outlive: Small Steps Big Goals With Matt Hansford

6 day health reset

Latest News

6 Day LifeScript Kiran Wellness Retreat in Uki, NSW. 17-23 June 2024.

“We all sense something missing in our health, that medicine cannot heal. This the core of Kiran Wellness. Medicine that connects clinical science, lifestyle and emotional health together.”

Dr Sonu

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